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Across the many locations within the dream world, there are 2 effects that Mikan can acquire. These effects may alter Mikan's appearance, grant unique abilities for cosmetic or practical purposes, or affect interactions with certain elements throughout her dreams.

Do keep in mind that Braingirl is a work in progress; as such, this page is subject to further changes across future versions


Duckling Dress

Duckling dress icon.png

Wear a Duck Outfit

(Effects recommended to have before retrieving: none)

Appearance: Mikan wears a yellow sweater dress and a cap resembling a duck's head.

Passive Effect: None

Action: (1) Mikan's outfit changes color from yellow to brown, with the eyes on her cap blinking briefly.

Location: Found in an isolated section of the Cubic Ruins by stepping on an eye mark in an interior section. Avoid the Fish Spiders that give chase and exit through the glowing wall with two small statues beside it. Interact with the egg outside to get the effect.

Practical Uses: None

Electric Light

Electric light icon.png

Light up dark places by turning into a light source

(Effects recommended to have before retrieving: none)

Appearance: Mikan wears an electrician's uniform, with her body functioning as a light bulb.

Passive Effect: Lights up dark places, enabling easier navigation within them.

Action: (1) Mikan illuminates herself, where the light can be switched back off by pressing 1 again.

Location: Found in the topmost cave of the Garden Ascend, the upper section of the Shrine Garden. In the Shrine Garden, look for a shrine whose pathway is somewhat hidden by foliage. Break the orb inside by interacting with it. This will awaken the statues blocking the path to the Garden Ascend, whom you must avoid in their awakened state. In the aforementioned cave, interact with a bloodied bulb to obtain the effect.

Practical Uses: Can be used to navigate dark places such as the Crypt more easily.