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Museum braingirl.png
Basic Info


EffectEntry Ticket (Item)

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Tanuki Woods


Holding Cell
Crossed Eyes

Map ID 0046, 0053

The Museum is an area accessible from the mannequin in the southwest of Tanuki Woods.

Map of the Museum.


The Museum is a building with yellow walls and somewhat dilapidated tiled floor that houses paintings, sculptures, and plants.

To the north of the entrance is more exhibits, mostly paintings. Two rooms north from the entrance is a doorway that leads to the Museum Tunnel, a long passage depicting a starry sunset and ending with a black cat. Waiting in this area for a few moments will cause the image of a departing plane to be shown in the background. Northeast from the Museum Tunnel door is a room with 4 CDs.

To the right of the entrance are several exhibits and a room sectioned off with red ropes. A red entry ticket can be found and collected in the top right corner of this room. Moving further right will summon a chaser that looks to be a small purple spider. At the bottom right of the area is a protruding hall that leads to an under construction warp.

The very northeast corner of the Museum, just to the right of a balcony section, is a room with a paper on the ground. Interacting with the paper shows a drawing of a green bottle and a danger sign. Interacting with the green bottle on the pedestal nearby will make the room shake and play a loud groaning noise.


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