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Braingirl:Tanuki Woods

Tanuki Woods
Tanuki woods.png
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Streets Hub
River Path


Drag Me Down (Hot Springs)

Map ID 0001, 0002, 0004

Tanuki Woods is an area accessible from the golden tanuki statue in Streets Hub's northeastern section.

Map of the Tanuki Woods


Tanuki Woods is a large, looping forested area with scattered rocks and logs that is set in the middle of the night. A raccoon prowls across the area and will run away from the player when approached. Upon catching it, the raccoon sends the player back to the entrance with a startled shriek and a thwapping sound, implying that the player was attacked or knocked unconscious.

Near the entrance is a sign that reads "TANUKI," and north of it is a field of flowers. Further north of this field is a mannequin that leads to the Museum.

East of the mannequin is a ghost-like creature that, when interacted with, flashes and disappears.

Northeast of the ghost is a bonfire with some people gathered around it. If you have interacted with the ghost already, it will be present there, albeit much bigger than it was initially. Interacting with the ghost now that it's near the bonfire will take you to the River Path.

West of the entrance is a group of buildings, one of which has a locked entrance that can be opened by stepping on four different red buttons scattered throughout the woods. Once all of the buttons are pressed, the unlocked building leads to the Hot Springs. The buttons disappear completely from the forest once the world is exited.

Southwest of the Hot Springs building is a TV set that displays different things depending on the effect that you currently have equipped. Without an effect, it displays static and text that reads "NO SIGNAL." Equipping the Electric Light effect will display an image of a light next to a gasoline container, and equipping the Duckling Dress effect will display an image of a girl and text that reads "FRIED SOAP BARS."

Hot Springs

Map of the Hot Springs

This area is a wooden-walled bathhouse that features several hot spring pools of various sizes and is inhabited by raccoons. It is decorated with bushes along the walls and the windows in the northern section show urban scenery.

At the far right of the area is a changing room where Mikan can put on a swimsuit. This allows her to enter the area's pools. Interacting with the rack of towels after changing will also let Mikan put a towel on her head.

Yellow rubber ducks that float atop the water will teleport Mikan to other pools when interacted with. The rubber duck in the southern pool leads to an isolated pool, while the one in the small pool in the northern section leads to a bigger pool that acts as a path to a view of a mountain.


Streets Hub → Tanuki Woods