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Deep Dreams:Misty Forest

Misty Forest
DD Misty Screenshot 1.png
Basic Info


Events Carousel Ride
Notable NPCs Angel Bunny
Connecting Areas

Puppet Path
The Nexus Unlock🔑

BGM I have always loved you
Creaky Country Fair
Map ID 0097, 0100, 0101
Annotated map of the area.

The Misty Forest is an area accessible at the end of the Puppet Path.


This world is a large, looping forest surrounded by a thin fog. The area is mostly covered by the foliage of the trees, giving this place an isolated feeling. There are some sakura tree sprouts scattered all over the forest, followed by many yellow and purple-colored flowers. There are also many puddles of water that Mariana can't step on.

From the exit to the Puppet Path, taking the path to the south and then slightly southeast, you'll encounter a big carousel wheel, stepping in front of it will trigger the Carousel Ride event. Keep going downwards until you eventually reach the lower part.

The lower part consists of a series of houses where only two are accessible; The first one being the one at the left where you enter this area and the other one being a bit more to the left of the first one.

The first house features a room where there's a chance that two small dogs will be lying over some cushions. By going to the second floor you'll encounter a big, open window, and going through it will unlock a permanent connection from here to the Nexus.

The second house features a series of locked doors on the second floor, being the last one the only exception. Inside the room will look like there's nothing of interest, save for a few things like another opened window (this one will not take you anywhere though), and a drawing of the Pastel Alter made with crayons in one of the walls. By equipping said Alter in this room, you will make a big ghostly figure resembling a bunny-like creature with angel wing. Interacting with this creature will grant you the Apparition Alter.


Nexus → Mauve ShoalBath HouseWater MillAntennae FieldAbandoned LabPuppet Path → Misty Forest

  • After Unlocking The Nexus Connection From Here:

Nexus → Misty Forest