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Muma Rope:Dark Stairways

Dark Stairways
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

First Steps
Windy Canyon
The Depths NoReturn
R-Maze Chance🍀

BGM Missing
Map ID 0043

The Dark Stairways is an area accessible from the northern cave of the First Steps.


This area is a series of stairways within a dark, cavernous void, much like the Memory Room. Upon descending from the entrance in First Steps, the screen will become obscured by a dark overlay.

Continuing down the steps and taking a right will lead to a platform with a small, purple door that is left ajar. When approaching this door however, it will be closed, and cannot be entered.

As you descend, deep blue flowers can be seen dotting the other platforms. Going further down will lead to a fork in the road; going west will lead to a large crater in the ground, surrounded by deep blue vines. Interacting with it will make Muma jump down and enter The Depths. Going east will lead to another platform; by going up this platform, you can either enter the lit doorway and enter Windy Canyon, or descend again and reach R-Maze (if it is available).

Annotated map of the area.


Memory Room → First Steps → Dark Stairways