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Muma Rope:Isle of Seasons

Isle of Seasons
Muma Isle.png
Basic Info

EffectWhite Carrot

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Sunset Cliff Seasonal🍂
Micro World Seasonal🌸 NoReturn
Succubus Grotto Seasonal☀️
R-Maze Chance🍀


Seasons (Out) (Outside)
Seasons (In) (Inside)

Map ID 0058, 0059, 0060

The Isle of Seasons is an area accessible from a hole in the Sunset Cliff.


Isle of Seasons is a relatively small world formed by a house, a few islands, a small garden, a white bunny and a clock that you can use to change seasons. When you arrive from Sunset Cliff, the season will be autumn. If the season chosen is winter, the water surrounding the islands will be frozen, allowing you to move easily between them.

In the garden, you can see an orange carrot. Taking it and giving it to the bunny will make it eat the carrot, and then poop out the seeds. After replanting the seeds, a new orange carrot will grow after a year has passed (that is, after changing seasons four times after replanting the seeds). Once the seeds have been replanted, you'll be able to find the White Carrot memory in the house's basement.

Aside from the islands, different seasons will also make the inside of the house change:

  • If the season is winter, the inside of the house will have a coin, and the candles will be blown out.
  • If the season is spring, there will be a table with a low-resolution flower in the middle of the house. This flower serves as a one-way connection to Micro World.
  • If the season is summer, the candles will be blown out, and the basement door will be open. In the basement, you can find some purple mushrooms, as well as the White Carrot memory if the puzzle has been solved. If you interact with a section of the northern wall, a secret door will open, taking you to Succubus Grotto.
  • If the season is autumn, there will be an empty table in the middle of house, as well as a spring that will take you back to Sunset Cliff.

There's also a chance for finding an entrance to R-Maze in the house, no matter the season. The chance is determined by the save file you're using; for example, if you're using the save file 3, you'll have a 1/3 chance of finding it. This also means that using the save file 1 will always make the entrance appear.

For some reason, Muma's sprite will lose its black outline until you exit this world.


Memory Room → First StepsDark StairwaysWindy CanyonSunset Cliff → Isle of Seasons