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Answered Prayers:Black Caves

Black Caves
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Golden Eyes
Connecting Areas

Monochrome City


Spirit Town

Map ID 0050, 0068, 0075
Map Type Medium, Non-looping, Multiple maps

The Black Caves (also known as the Dark Maze) is an area accessible from the Playground.

Map of Black Caves


It is a pitch-dark, silent area. The only things that are visible are Fluorette, the door leading back to the Playground, and a pair of golden eyes that stare straight at the player on the right.

You need to navigate through a maze here. This part of the maze is relatively simple; there are only a couple of looping paths with two endpoints: one leading you to the Golden Eyes, the other bringing you to the second area of the Black Caves.

The second section is a longer maze that's a bit more difficult to navigate, with many dead-end paths. The silence is replaced with a drum beat mixed with a low droning noise. There are also a number of floating purple eyes that are moving around in various parts of the Cave. They cannot be interacted with.

Making your way to the right side of the maze, you'll eventually reach a white door with a question mark on it. Entering this door will bring you to the Monochrome City.

Upon entering this area, you'll see Golden Eyes, though you cannot reach or interact with them at first. Golden Eyes can be found at the bottom-right section of this area, at the end of one the paths. The Light Prayer can be learned by interacting with them.


NexusPlayground → Black Caves