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Answered Prayers:Monochrome City

Monochrome City
White town.png
Basic Info


Events Monochrome City Spirit Murder
Notable NPCs Monoka, Monoka's followers
Connecting Areas

Black Caves


Wind Chimes

Map ID 0056, 0069, 0070, 0071, 0073
Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping Multiple maps

Monochrome City is an area accessible by making your way to Black Caves' exit: a door bearing a question mark.

Map of Monochrome City


This area appears to be a completely desolate East Asian city. The entirety of the area is devoid of any true color besides Fluorette herself.

The area is initially entered through a white door with a question mark design found in the Black Caves. Heading south from the door will lead to a rocky lake area that acts as a bridge to the city proper. The city is devoid of any characters to interact with and none of the buildings can be entered.

Continuing south of the city area will lead to a forest clearing with a well in its center. A girl named Monoka who teaches the Monochrome Prayer can be found here, right near said well. If she is killed using the Shovel Prayer, an event is triggered where shadowy figures emerge from the surrounding woodland, increasing in number as Fluorette evades them. If Fluorette is caught by the figures, she will wake up in a grayscale version of the real world, which still takes place in the Spirit Realm.


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