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Answered Prayers:Broken Clock Park

Broken Clock Park
Broken Clock Park 2.PNG
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs Eyeballs
Connecting Areas

Gradient World
Symbols Maze Return🚩


Ocean Depths

Map ID 0049, 0084, 0095, 0096, 0097, 0098
Map Type Small, Looping, Multiple Maps

Broken Clock Park is accessible from the red and blue orb in Gradient World.

Map of Broken Clock Park


Broken Clock Park resembles an urban park during late evening or in the early morning hours. The sky is a cold blue, but the green and yellow tones near the horizon hint at the sun. The foreground is represented by dark silhouettes, just like the Playground, except for many long broken clocks and two NPCs. The silhouettes of trees lack leaves, implying winter. There are benches and streetlights here, but none of the lamps are on. In the background, one can faintly make out power lines and utility poles.

The park consists mostly of small looping areas that are connected through black doors.

Interacting with the black doorway near the entrance leads to a set of three doors.

The door to the right, below a clock with no hands, leads to a wider area. The music is slower here and the background consists of drifting clouds and floating clocks. There are no points of interests except for the shiny blue box that connects to the Symbols Maze.

The door to the left, below a quickly spinning clock, leads to another area with two doors to choose from.

The deeper door to the right, below a slowly spinning clock, leads to a floating eyeball. Their pupil is wildly spinning around, perhaps in imitation of the clocks.

The deeper door to the left, in between the two streetlights, leads to a more responsive floating eyeball monster. Their pupil expands and contracts and they seem to have a black, tar-like body. Their gaze follows Fluorette around, and if she interacts with them, they will talk in a series of subdued, quick sounds.


NexusClock Work WorldGradient World → Broken Clock Park


  • As the file used for this area's background music is called ocean depths, it is likely that it was intended for the Ocean Floor at first.