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Answered Prayers:Events

This is a list of all the special Events found in Answered Prayers. This page also contains the various Endings which are events that will force Fluorette to return from the Spirit Realm after being viewed.

Beginning Answered Prayers

What are you running away from?

Location: Knoll

Description: This event occurs when starting a new game of Answered Prayers. This event serves as the game's intro.

The game will begin with a dark screen featuring small green text reading "Child...what are you running away from?". After this text is dismissed, the game's instructions will appear before Fluorette is shown at the Knoll. The player must head north through a forested area before coming across a set of stairs that leads to the Shrine. Upon entering the Shrine, the player can not exit the Shrine as Fluorette refuses to leave, making it her permanent real-world location for the rest of the game.

Cat Eyes Event

Location: Underwater Ship

Description: Inside the Underwater Ship is a large, broken porthole. Upon going inside, the player will find a Rusty Key that can be used in the Industrial Maze or Spirit Town to connect the two areas. If the player returns to the broken porthole after using the key, the event will trigger.

From the darkness, a pair of green cat eyes will appear alongside a strange grumbling noise. The eyes will begin to shake as their pupils constrict, eventually stopping when they lunge at Fluorette. A sloshing sound indicates Fluorette has been eaten, though she will quickly awaken after the event takes place.

Her Event

Location: Nexus

Description: After collecting all twelve prayers, a strange figure will appear in the Nexus. In the game's files, they are known as "Her" and appear to be a shadowy figure with a manji symbol covering their face. When interacted with, she will simply tell Fluorette to "leave". If Fluorette wakes up and then returns to the Nexus after seeing Her, then she will be absent and not return.

This appears to substitute an ending to the game, as it only occurs after collecting all of the prayers, which is commonly done in order to access the ending sequences of most Yume Nikki fangames.

MissingNo. Event

Wild MISSINGNO. appeared!

Location: Game Boy World

Description: One of the houses in the GB Town section of the world contains a lot of tables, though the house does not appear to offer anything of interest inside. However, upon entering the house, there is a chance that a glitched "MissingNo." NPC will appear here. Upon interacting with them, the game will "crash" as an error sound is played alongside a blue error report screen. Shortly after the blue screen appears, Fluorette will suddenly awaken from her prayer.

Monochrome City Spirit Murder

Location: Monochrome City

Description: In order to see this event, the Shovel prayer must have been obtained from the Industrial Maze first.

At the very south side of Monochrome City, a character known as Monoka will appear next to a hollowed stump. If she is killed with the Shovel prayer, then the fog surrounding the areas will disappear and tall figures will begin to appear from the area's surroundings, pursuing Fluorette. The area can not be exiting and the figures will continue to chase Fluorette until she is caught. When she is eventually caught by one of the figures, she will be taken to a monochrome version of the Shrine.

Unlike the real-world Shrine, Fluorette can open the door and be taken to a monochrome version of the Knoll. Everything appears normal until Fluorette heads south, which will show the surroundings are deteriorating into a large void resembling the symbols seen in the Symbols Maze. The rain ambience will stop and a long bridge will lead across the symbols, ending at a black void where a duplicate Fluorette awaits. Upon interacting with the duplicate, the real Fluorette will back up before the double hits her with a shovel, causing Fluorette to return to the real world.

Symbols Switch

Location: Symbols Maze

Description: Within the Symbols Maze is a character resembling Fluorette with the Phantom prayer equipped, albeit slightly transparent. They can be most easily accessed by going to the Symbols Maze through the warp in Spirit Town. When they are interacted with, they will change the background of the Symbols Maze from green to red. This can be undone by interacting with them again.