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Answered Prayers:Shrine

Real World Shrine.PNG
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Knoll NoEntry
Nexus (From the Spirit Shrine)


Rain Indoors with Thunder

Map ID 0001, 0009
Map Type Small, Non-looping

The Shrine is a small building where the player can save and enter the Nexus for exploration.


The Shrine is a small Shinto shrine built on a Knoll. There are stairs and a torii gate leading up to its entrance. Inside the shrine is a well, where the game can be saved, and an altar, at which Fluorette can pray.


When Fluorette prays at the altar in the real world, her spirit floats out of her body, demonstrating that she never physically leaves the shrine. She is then taken to the spirit world. Fluorette does not want to leave the real-world version of the shrine, and if the door is interacted with, she shakes her head and says "Nuh-uh!"

Spirit Shrine

Once Fluorette enters the spirit world, she will first appear inside the Spirit Shrine, which lacks the normal shrine's fountain and has a lighter color scheme, signifying it is daytime outside. The background noise also changes from a raging storm to chirping cicadas. Nothing happens when interacting with the altar in the spirit world. If the "9" key is pressed while in the spirit world, Fluorette breaks out of her trance and is taken back to the real world shrine. It is now possible to exit the door and visit the Nexus.


Spirit Shrine.PNG
  • As of version 0.03, the well inside of the spirit world shrine is gone. In past versions, one could access Game Boy World or the Debug Room by interacting with it.
  • A Shinto shrine's purpose is to house gods, but it is unknown what is worshiped at this particular shrine. One possible clue is related to the torii gate, altar, and Nexus all featuring the Buddhist manji symbol. If all the Prayers are gathered, a shadowy figure called "Her" in the game files appears, and orders you to "Leave." A manji obscures her face, and thus it is possible "Her" is the god housed at the shrine.