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Answered Prayers:Game Boy World

Game Boy World
Basic Info


Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps
Events MissingNo. Event
Notable NPCs Koraiyn, MissingNo.
Connecting Areas

Industrial Maze


AP001 (Basement and Forest)
AP002 (Tower Interior)
AP003 (Town)
AP-chipdirge(mansion) (Mansion)
Noise Track

Map ID 0026, 0028, 0030, 0031, 0032, 0033, 0034, 0035, 0036, 0037, 0057, 0085, 0086, 0087, 0088, 0089, 0090, 0091

Game Boy World is a world accessed through a small Game Boy in the Industrial Maze.


Game Boy World is stylized to look as though it is being played on a Game Boy console. The graphics are simplified, most environments are tile-like and blocky, and the color palette consists of light and dark green. The world is composed of four main parts: GB Town, GB Tower, GB Forest, and GB Mansion.

GB Town

Map of GB Town

When Game Boy World is entered, Fluorette will first be taken to GB Town, an area comprised of various houses and a long river. A tile inside the first house depicting the Buddhist manji will return Fluorette to the Industrial Maze. Exiting south will lead to the town's main area.

West of the first house is a small shed with a single staircase inside. Heading down the stairs will reveal a dead-end path surrounded by water.

Southwest of the first house lies another mostly empty house, although a large flower-like plant can be found there.

East of the first house is a building with many tables that initially appears insignificant, though there is a small chance (determined by entering the house) to encounter MissingNo. here. Interacting with MissingNo. will trigger the MissingNo. Event, causing the game to "crash" alongside an error sound and a blue screen of death. Shortly after the blue screen appears, Fluorette will return to the real world Shrine.

North of the first house is another house with a staircase, which will take Fluorette to a desert-like landscape with a starry night sky and a pyramid in the background. A short platforming segment that involves simply jumping over three gaps leads to a staircase to GB Tower.

GB Tower

Map of GB Tower, GB Forest, GB Mansion

The GB Tower is a set of triangular rooms that progressively get smaller as Fluorette reaches the top. Continuing right and left through the shrinking rooms will eventually lead to a large room with a Buddhist manji pattern. Here, a small creature called Koraiyn runs about the room and teaches the Koraiyn Prayer upon first interaction. Interacting with Koraiyn afterward will show a text box reading "..." and sitting down in the room will cause Koraiyn to stand in place.

In the first room of the GB Tower, exiting south will lead to the GB Forest.

GB Forest

The GB Forest is a set of forested islands surrounded by flower-filled waters. Heading south from the entrance will lead to an island with a staircase leading into a dark maze. A little southeast of the staircase are a few lily pads that can be jumped on to lead to a hall in the water surrounding the island. This hall leads to a mural with a large eye on a brick wall, with the eye's pupil being a large exclamation sign.

Within the maze that can be entered from the island is another staircase that will take Fluorette to another portion of the GB Forest surrounded by water. Heading north here leads to the GB Mansion.

GB Mansion

Approaching the GB Mansion will reveal a staircase leading to a large house upon a hill. A starry sky and a full moon loom behind the house.

Upon entering, a short hallway will lead to the mansion's main section, shown to have a large set of stairs and four chandeliers. The mansion's stairs lead to two doors depicting the manji symbol as well as a set of footprints that lead between the two doors and another room. However, none of the rooms can be entered, as the doors do not do anything upon interaction.


NexusClock Work WorldIndustrial MazeGame Boy World - Interact with the Game Boy within the maze.