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Ultra Violet:Countryside

UV Countryside.png
Basic Info
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orange Window Type

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus NoReturn
Snow World
Streetlamp World Return🚩
Shrine Labyrinth



Map ID 0077, 0079, 0086

The Countryside is an area accessible from a tree unaffected by the snow in Snow World.

Map of First Area
Map of Second Area


The Countryside consists of a sunny field with various trees, grass patches, and streetlamps decorating the area. Bodies of water can also be found that reflect a cloud-filled sky and cicadas can be heard chirping while in the area.

Upon entering the world from the normal tree in Snow World, heading directly south will lead to a bucket filled with water. Directly east of this bucket is a large field of crops with intertwining paths. One of the path intersections has two pillars that, when walked between, will change the area to have a staircase south of the crops. Going up this staircase will lead to a hill with some farming tools and view of the crop fields that eventually leads to the entrance of the Shrine Labyrinth.

Southwest of the two pillars that change the area is a group of trees surrounding a door identical to the Snow World door. Upon interacting with this door, it will take Sometsuki on a one-way trip to the Nexus in front of the Snow World door.

One isolated part of this world can be accessed through a peculiarly tall streetlamp located in Streetlamp World, which consists of an island with a single tree and a streetlamp back to Streetlamp World.


The Nexus → Snow World → Countryside


  • The main Countryside area shares a near-identical layout to that of Snow World, possibly implying they are the same world at different seasons.