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Ultra Violet:Shrine Labyrinth

Shrine Labyrinth
UV ShrineLabyrinth.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Shinto Shrine




orange Window Type

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas




Map ID 0080, 0101, 0102

The Shrine Labyrinth is an area accessible from the Countryside.

Map of Shrine Labyrinth


The Shrine Labyrinth, as its name states, is a winding labyrinth resembling the interior of traditional Japanese buildings and temples. The area consists of several rooms and sliding doors that can be opened to continue through the labyrinth or mark somewhere in the labyrinth in order not to get lost.

Just before the labyrinthine section, the exterior from the Countryside has an NPC wearing a sunhat who will give the "orange" Window Type when interacted with. This same NPC is also found in Snow World, albeit with a coat and scarf as their outfit. Simply continuing north will lead to the shrine's hallways.

There are some unique NPCs that inhabit the shrine's rooms. Just northwest of the labyrinth's entrance is a sitting figure with a pink mask-like face who will watch Sometsuki if the Rabbit or Shikkenken effects are equipped and will shake its head if the Nail Hammer is about to be used on them (using the Nail Hammer will simply cause their head to disintegrate, leaving them decapitated). There are also upright-standing bear NPCs inside the labyrinth who will run away from Sometsuki if the Rabbit effect is equipped.

From the shrine's entrance, heading left, down, right, up through the doors, and continuing through the rooms and pathways after these directions will eventually lead to a room with the Shrine Maiden and a donation box. If Sometsuki has at least 1000 yen and donates it to the box, then the player will gain the Miko effect. Equipping this effect allows for Sometsuki to open the decorated doors found on two sides of the labyrinth, allowing for faster travel between the entrance and the Shrine Maiden's room.


The Nexus → Snow WorldCountryside → Shrine Labyrinth