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Ultra Violet:Snow World

Snow World
UV SnowWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Snow Field




orange Window Type

Events None
Notable NPCs

Shikkenken, Fuyuki

Connecting Areas

The Nexus



Map ID 0006

The Snow World is an area accessible from the Nexus.

Map of Snow World


The Snow World is a snowy forested area with many dead trees and a frozen lake. Snow constantly falls when in this world and circles of footsteps can be found around the area, alluding to one of the NPCs inhabiting this world. Several streetlamps and snowmen can also be found.

Heading directly left of the Nexus door will lead to a tree unaffected by the snow, having green leaves. Interacting with it will lead to the Countryside. Heading south of this tree and then making a straight left at the first streetlamp you encounter will lead to the Shikkenken, who is found hopping in a circle in the snow.

Interacting with the Shikkenken will give Sometsuki the Shikkenken effect, which allows Sometsuki to change the amount of snow falling. If this new effect is equipped, the Shikkenken NPC will follow you slowly. If the Shikkenken is interacted with while the Coat and Muffler effect is equipped, they will gain the same outfit and will quickly follow you. If the world is reentered after giving them the coat, they will quickly seek you out and begin following you again. Simply equipping the Coat and Muffler effect (or the Shikkenken, Rabbit, and Street Lamp effects) will also attract a twintailed NPC who is also found near the Shrine Labyrinth, albeit they wear a black coat and an orange-gray-striped scarf instead of a sunhat. Interacting with this NPC will give Sometsuki the "orange" Window Type.


The Nexus → Snow World


  • Snow World shares a near-identical layout to that of the Countryside's main area, possibly implying they are the same world at different seasons.