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Ultra Violet:Minor Characters

Effect NPCs

These characters give effects when interacted with.

Bunny Siblings

A pair of siblings that can be found in Glass Pipe World. Interacting with them gives Sometsuki the Rabbit effect.

Bunny Shopkeeper

A shopkeeper found in Pastel World's Bunny Mart. They offer the Rabbit effect for 300 yen and the Dream Diary for 1000 yen.

Royal Cake

A special kind of Dessert-Folk with a slice of cake for a head. They can be found at the top of the cake castle in Dessert World and give the Cake effect when interacted with.


A NPC found in the Floating Library. Interacting with them gives Sometsuki the Magician effect.

Pink Sea Hare

A pink sea hare found in the Seabed. They give the Sea Hare effect when interacted with.


A robot found within the Space Station. They give Sometsuki the Android effect when interacted with.


A child that can be found in Snow World. They give out the Shikkenken effect. Their outfit can be changed with the Coat and Muffler effect. They are based on the yuki-onna, a yōkai in Japanese folklore.

Ribbon NPC

A girl with green ribbons in FC Dungeon who gives out the Ribbons effect. She will follow you around if it is equipped.

Secondary Characters

These are other NPCs that can be found wandering Sometsuki's dream world. Note that most of the names listed here are not official.

Midoriko.png Midoriko (Schoolgirl)

A girl dressed in a green school uniform outfit. She resides in her room, where she can be seen doing various things while re-entering her house. Sleeping in her bed gives the "green" Window Type and she is attracted to the Rabbit and Ribbon effects.


A boy found sitting at the edge of the Cliff of Memories, who will turn towards Sometsuki when he is sat next to. If the Short Hair effect is equipped around them, they disappear.

Orangegirl.png Fuyuki

A girl found in Snow World, the Countryside, and in front of the Shrine Labyrinth. She gives the "orange" Window Type when interacted with for the first time. Her outfit changes with her location, either wearing a coat and muffler or a straw hat and collared shirt.

Kiken.png Schoolgirls

Various schoolgirls that can be found in a variety of worlds. When they are hit with the Nail Hammer effect, they become bloody and enraged, chasing after Sometsuki and trapping her in isolated locations. Some of them can be found in already-enraged states.

UVLittleSometsuki.png Little Sometsuki

A simplified version of Sometsuki with a black outfit that wanders the Emerald Square and Banquet Hall. They can also be found in the Emerald Square's alleyway next to a similar-looking corpse.