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Ultra Violet:Pastel World

Pastel World
UV PastelWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs

Bunny Shopkeeper

Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Needle Maze


BGM005お店 (Bunny Mart)

Map ID 0008, 0010, 0022, 0023

The Pastel World is an area accessible from the Nexus.


Map of Pastel World

The Pastel World is a field-like area consisting of a pastel-colored landscape. White grass and flowers as well as pink trees growing white fruit decorate the surroundings.

If the player takes a straight left from the Nexus door until they crush a flower and then heads directly down, they will encounter a yellow needle sticking up from the ground that will take Sometsuki to the Needle Maze. South of this needle is a pink tree with no fruit on it, which leads to a small area with the Rabbit's House. Inside this house is a large woman in a purple cloak with an obscured face who is petting a rabbit.

Bunny Mart

Southeast of the Nexus door is a gray building known as the Bunny Mart. Several rabbits wander the store and three coins can be found around the store (one outside and two inside) which will give 100 yen each when picked up.

The Bunny Shopkeeper stands by the registers located in the building's top-left corner and will offer the Rabbit effect for 300 yen or the Dream Diary for 1000 yen. Buying from here is the only way to get the Dream Diary item, though the Rabbit effect can also be found in Glass Pipe World. If both items are purchased, then the shopkeeper will become happy and make a small noise when interacted with. If the Bunny Shopkeeper is killed with the Nail Hammer effect instead, then Sometsuki can rob both registers for a steal of 600 yen total. The registers reset and the shopkeeper respawns whenever the store is exited, so this process can be repeated multiple times to easily gain large amounts of yen.


The Nexus → Pastel World