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Ultra Violet:Glass Pipe World

Glass Pipe World
UV GlassPipeWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Murasaki Sora
Purple Sky



Map Type Medium, Non-looping
Events None
Notable NPCs

Bunny Siblings

Connecting Areas

Needle Maze
Pinkish Continent
Space Station



Map ID 0029

The Glass Pipe World is an area accessible from a sewing needle with a red thread in Needle Maze, or through the Space Station.


Map of Glass Pipe World

The Glass Pipe World is a maze-like area consisting of glass paths and elevators that can be used to traverse the area vertically. The background of the area depicts a pink, starry sky.

When entered from the Needle Maze, the player must head to the right and take the first elevator they see to start the maze. They will be taken to a choice of going left or right. Going left and following the elevators and paths from there will lead to a high-up platform with a cracked egg that acts as a warp to the Pinkish Continent. Going right will lead to more paths and elevators before being taken to another fork in the paths near another elevator. Heading left at this fork will lead to a jagged pathway with the Bunny Siblings (who will give the Rabbit effect upon interaction) and an elevator to the Bookstore. Heading north at the fork instead will lead to a warp tile to the Space Station.


The Nexus → Pastel WorldNeedle Maze → Glass Pipe World