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    Yume Nikki:Footprint Path

    Footprint Path
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Henkei Shita, Goppa, Nenrikido
    Connecting Areas

    Eyeball World

    Removed Connections

    Lamp World
    Neon World
    Puddle World
    Snow World
    Block World Trap🚷

    BGM かべにみられてる… ~壁画の世界~ (Footprint Path A)
    あしあと いっぱい (Footprint Path B)
    Map ID 0048 (Footprint Path A)
    0049 (Footprint Path B)
    Map Type Small, Non-looping, Multiple maps
    Version Added 0.01
    Map of the Footprint Path

    The Footprint Path is a small, dark passageway that connects Eyeball World to Hell.


    The Footprint Path is very simple in design, largely just being a void-like space with white footprints creating a traversable path. It is split into two sections: Footprint Path A and Footprint Path B.

    Footprint Path A

    The first path is simply a straight way leading to the second section of the area. Decorating the first path are multiple Henkei Shita, all differing in colors. One of the Henkei Shita can be found in Hell, which can be stabbed with the Knife effect to return to the Footprint Path A. The Henkei Shita here can also be stabbed with the Knife, though this results in nothing.

    The background music here is identical to the music played in Mural World.

    Footprint Path B

    In the second path, the footprints become much more scattered and form a small area that can be freely walked in. Several creatures known as Goppa appear with tube-like appendages submerged in the ground, revealing the void-like space may be liquid. A small stub from their body can be interacted with from the path, causing them to open their mouths and cough out blood. A single Nenrikido can also be found here, which will teleport Madotsuki to Hell.

    The background music here is the same as Puddle World, albeit played at half the speed.


    NexusEyeball World → Footprint path


    • In older versions, the two Footprint Paths were not connected. In version 0.06, the two paths had the following connections:
      • Footprint Path A looked identical to later versions, but heading west led to Neon World, and heading east took you Lamp World.
      • Footprint Path B connected to Puddle World and Snow World via the west and south paths, respectively.