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Yume 2kki:Abandoned Chinatown

Abandoned Chinatown
Abandoned chinatown entrance.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #550

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Forest Carnival
Laboratory DeadEnd↩️
Limbus Plains LockedCondition🔐 DeadEnd↩️

BGM drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 (No. 241A)
Map ID 0383, 0386, 0390
Version Added 0.098f
Last Updated 0.123e
Author tKp9vEGEfhCD

Abandoned Chinatown is a small area accessible from the Forest Carnival by tearing a hole in the curtain between the chairs in the cat-faced rug room.


From the entry railing, this area brings you into an old oriental town, mostly devoid of any human life. Blue flowers surround the walls, blowing in the empty breeze. The corridor leading out to the left is locked, and there is only one enterable building in this area, the Witch's House (魔女の家, Majo no ie), in the top-left of the area. At the far left passage of the outdoor area (dead end), interacting with the wall will sound a deep knock.

The first floor is filled with beakers and bottles, and a large rug of a skeleton carrying a scythe. The second floor is home to the town's only resident, a tall individual with dark blue hair, wearing traditional Chinese attire. Using the Telephone effect will cause them to look at you, and equipping the Chainsaw causes them to walk away from you, while occasionally glancing at you. In addition, using the Trombone effect will cause them to turn to you, while having the Maiko effect equipped will make them follow you.

Another isolated, multi-story building is accessible from the Laboratory's cave system via a spinning black object resembling a person. Interacting with the spinning black object will bring you back there, and interacting with the symbol on the left wall will bring you to Limbus Plains.


Main Area

With the Chainsaw effect (the Crossing or Invisible effect is recommended)

Isolated Area

With the Marginal effect: