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Yume 2kki:Bleeding Heads Garden

Bleeding Heads Garden
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Epic Poem



Events None
Notable NPCs Petriphant
Connecting Areas

Red Streetlight World
Alien Valley
Submerged Communications Area NoEntry


2i9_mus7 (No. 466)

Map ID 0858, 0859
Version Added 0.112i
Author 2i9

Bleeding Heads Garden is an area accessible from Red Streetlight World by going through two streetlights forming an arc.

Map of the Bleeding Heads Garden


This world is dark and filled with the same red streetlights as Red Streetlight World, some of which are joined together. A path winds throughout the world that appears to be made of pink cobblestones and pink flowers which get crushed when Urotsuki steps on them. There are a variety of blank rectangular murals scattered around the world, as well as two heads bleeding from their eyes leaving a small bloody puddle, similar to the head-shaped entrances found in the White Desert in Yume Nikki. In certain areas, monochromatic crystals and swirly red strings can be found, in one group of which is a tall statue of a figure that somewhat resembles intestines.

By going directing north of the entrance, you can find a maroon ladder stool. Climbing on it will make the screen pan right, which gives you a view of the pink cobblestones and flora in front of it.

There are three block-shaped entrances in the world leading to small areas that maintain the theme of imagery reminiscent Yume Nikki. Inside the purplish block with a yellow doorway is a short path to the a petrified head of an elephant-like creature that highly resembles the Seahorse from Yume Nikki's Barracks Settlement, surrounded by fishlike leaves resembling Steve 'Leif' Kareha from Yume Nikki's Number World. There appears to be some sort of plaque on the wall which cannot be read nor interacted with.

The pink block houses a dark hallway leading to second room with a teal path and an abrupt dead end. In the background is a towering white creature with a long, dripping tongue making up most of its visible body mass.

In the grey block with purple doorway is another dark hall with many Kareha-like leaves protruding from the ground on either side of the path. To the left is a door leading to Alien Valley.