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Yume 2kki:Chaotic Buildings

Chaotic Buildings
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

無秩序 / 水の都:梯子と電燈
Muchitsujo / Mizu no Miyako: Hashigo to Dentou
Disorder / City of Water: Ladders and Electric Lights



Events None
Notable NPCs

Entity From the Void, Sad Jellyfish

Connecting Areas

Deserted Town
Pillars World
Transmission Tower World
Overgrown City


n3-NiT (Building) (No. 174B)
bgm011 (To Overgrown City) (No. 260I)
n3-WeR (Forest) (No. 178E)
dedp_qs0UrDFJ_ bgm076 (To Pillars World) (No. 055E)
bgm036 (To Transmission Towers World) (No. 300B)

Map ID 0536, 0538


The Chaotic Buildings is an area accessible from the Deserted Town.

Map of the maze


The Chaotic Buildings is a large, confusing area, with disjointed walls jutting out from all angles of the dark green building forming a chaotic mess for Urotsuki to traverse. Travel is especially slowed by the encompassing darkness, which makes it almost impossible to see where you can and cannot stand without the Rainbow's flash ability. (The Lantern does not help) Many ladders are placed over large gaps in the floor, and the world is decorated with pipes and hanging lamps.

This area is currently unfinished and traffic cones block many paths throughout the area.

By travelling down the west side of the area, one can find a barely visible door marked by its proximity to a traffic cone. Entering this area will take you to a bright white world containing a strange mechanical subject; the same one in Overgrown City. Traveling to the right will take you to a world with a white background, a door within leading to the main area of Overgrown City.

Working your way down through the area you'll come across a very long ladder. At the bottom of the ladder the area changes into a dark foggy forest, still showing small traces of the original building.

In the northwest area, the same sad-looking rainbow jellyfish from Forest Pier can be seen when the Chainsaw is equipped near it.

Moving east through the ladders and swamps from the base of the ladder, you'll eventually come to a crossroads.

The north path here leads to an odd green creature (which cannot die, but will give you 150 if you chainsaw it), with a small passage beside it that leads to another long ladder. At the bottom of the ladder is a small clearing, with a door that will take you to Pillars World

The south path leads to a little house that you can enter, bringing you to a strange black and white passage that will take you to Transmission Tower World.


If Forest Pier has been visited before:



  • This world was removed from the game in version 0.113 (Wataru's Patch) and readded in version 0.119d Patch 1.