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    Dice Swamp
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Legacy Nexus
    Balloon Park
    Underground Subway NoEntry
    Blue Apartments NoReturn➡️
    Motel Breeze NoReturn➡️
    Realm of Dice
    Fake Apartments NoEntry

    BGM Untitled 5 (Reverse) (No. 612D)
    NYA_02_2 (Convenience Store) (No. 858B)
    NYA_03 (Floating Landscape) (No. 860B)
    Map ID 2295
    Version Added 0.122f
    Author Bean

    Dice Swamp is an area accessible from the red telephone box in Legacy Nexus.


    One of three sections of this world can be accessed from the Legacy Nexus and the day version of Balloon Park. Two of them both end at a massive tunnel connecting to either Motel Breeze or Blue Apartments with no way to return. One of the latter has a door decorated as a set of dice, which leads to a red construction sign with an infinity symbol on it and barriers blocking the exits. The other goes past a blocked tunnel and to another red construction sign with an infinity symbol on it and a trapped creature that resembles one in TVLand.

    A different section of this world can be accessed from Realm of Dice. The path east from here has signs and a large barricade blocking it. A familiar door can be seen past this, but it seems to be inaccessible. The ladder near here leads to a dead end.

    North from the Realm of Dice connection is a set of doors with a die above them. Interact with the doors to open them, and interact again to enter or exit them. This leads to some blocked paths on either side and a purple convenience store. Inside the store are two statues with faces and a large shopkeeper that makes a noise when interacted with. Behind the counter is a cone blocking one of the doorways.

    Outside of the store is a creature that makes a sound and two purple vending machines, but only one of them can be accessed. Going between them leads to a path behind the store. Following the path north leads to a dead end. Heading east instead brings you to a few cones, and behind one is a trapped creature.

    If you equip the Chainsaw effect, the cones will be revealed as gnomes that run away. You can then interact with the dice creature to be sent to a large gate that resembles it. Following the path leads to a barrier blocking another large dice gate. The path to it is hidden by the utility poles. Entering it unlocks a connection to the Legacy Nexus.

    Back at the dice creature, which is now free, one of the cones marks where the path continues, and following the path leads to another red construction sign and a gray door. Entering the door sends you to a floating landscape. Found here are crates filled with hearts, a creature, and a cone blocking an exit that has a heart sign near it. The cosmic background is reminiscent of the floor in Checkered Towers' Illuminated Building. Interacting with the creature makes a noise and causes them to move toward you and disappear.

    This world can also be accessed sometimes through the Fake Apartments event in Urotsuki's Dream Apartments, but the connection is a one-way that places you at the flower just before the blocked tunnel. The music from daytime Balloon Park can be heard, and exiting leads there.


    With the Penguin effect:

    With the Glasses effect, after unlocking the connection from Legacy Nexus to Blood Red Beach:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Legacy Nexus is active: