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    Yume 2kki:Balloon Park

    Balloon Park
    Entrance to Underground Subway during the day and the bedroom at night
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Masks NovAflow, Balloon
    Events None
    Notable NPCs NovAflow, Vivian
    Connecting Areas

    Underground Subway
    Dice Swamp
    Legacy Nexus Unlock🔑
    Cerulean School

    BGM NYA_02 (Daytime) (No. 857)
    NYA_02_2 (Nighttime) (No. 858A)
    NYA_02_2 (slow) (Vivian's Room) (No. 858C)
    Ltranceloop_ループ加工 (After interacting with the Cat Pillar) (No. 571B)
    NYA_03_02 (Gift Room) (No. 861A)
    NYA_03_02 (slow) (Gift Open) (No. 861B)
    Map ID 2279, 2295
    Version Added 0.122f
    Last Updated 0.123
    Author Bean

    Balloon Park is an area with a day version accessible from Underground Subway and a night version accessible from Worksite.


    In the day version of this map, you can find a grey robotic cat named NovAflow sitting on a bench, sometimes flipping through the pages of a good book. You can also find a vending machine in front of a tall structure. Behind the vending machine is a spot you can interact with to obtain the NovAflow mask. This mask can also be obtained in the night version, but the actual NovAflow NPC will be replaced by a large stone wrapped in small purple balloons. Near here is a floating balloon Urotsuki that you can interact with to pop and obtain the Balloon mask. At the east end of the world is a red phone booth. Interacting with it from the front will transport you to one of three sections of Dice Swamp.

    In the night version of this map, you can now access the ladder to Worksite. All of the NPCs will be asleep, and the ducklings will become small floating fairies. The western building that previously led to Underground Subway now leads to a bedroom containing an NPC named Vivian. You can interact with the cat pillar in the middle to change the music, block the exits, make the cat's face, door, and screen tint flash different colors, and cause shadow figures to appear and Vivian to shrink and run around.

    Sleeping in the bed will take you to the Legacy Nexus. If it's your first time sleeping in the bed, the connection between these areas will be unlocked, and you will wake up in a section of the Realistic Flat, which has three large doors. Going down leads to a realistic bus stop, where you can sit or exit to the main area of the Legacy Nexus on the left.

    In the night version, the vending machine can still be accessed, but the warp to Dice Swamp will be replaced by floating blocks, like the ones in Chaser Academy. Interacting with them transports you to Cerulean School. Also, there will now be a bridge to the easternmost building. Entering it will trap you in a room with a gift box, which can be interacted with to open it and cause a crying, smaller version of Vivian to appear. Interacting with the girl will make her disappear. Interacting with the box again will display its censored contents. The censor bar will disappear if the horse mask is equipped. If the clown mask is equipped, the censored mess will be replaced by a rubber chicken. After you view the contents, Urotsuki's head will turn into balloons and she will wake up.



    With the Glasses effect, after unlocking the connection from Legacy Nexus to Blood Red Beach:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Legacy Nexus is active:


    With the Glasses effect, after unlocking the connections from this area to Legacy Nexus to Blood Red Beach:

    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Legacy Nexus is active and the connection from this area to Legacy Nexus is unlocked:


    • NovAflow is based on a chatbot of the same name that was active on YNOproject for a brief period of time. It wore the Teru Teru Bōzu effect, and resided in the Library in Yume 2kki. At some point, fanart of NovAflow was drawn, giving it the design that is seen in this world.


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