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Dream Mars
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Yume Kasei



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Lotus Waters
Dream Venus


Yuri_Drone (No. 325D)

Map ID 0906
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Dream Mars, accessible from the Lotus Waters, is half of a pair of small areas known as the Dream Planets.


A side-by-side comparison of the Dream Planets.

Each of these two areas are complementary in every way; they have opposite color schemes, opposite levels of saturation, similar assets, and complementary NPCs. You can teleport between them by interacting with a pair of plants; one of which is blue from Dream Venus, and the other is yellow for Dream Mars.

Dream Mars is a much emptier area, very tranquil with warm colors that are occasionally accented by plants with strong blues, purples, and yellows, the opposite of the brightness of Dream Venus. The plant life is more sparse; it includes lavender cacti and large plants with bright blue and purple spotted leaves. Unlike Dream Venus, there are only three Martians: they appears as tan-skinned aliens with bright blue, yellow, and red clothes, and long antennae that droop behind them.

Dream Mars has a much rockier surface; it is covered with large rock formations and long crevices, making it more difficult to navigate. It contains less water, but when you do find water, you can see the reflection of the planet's two moons on its surface. The entrance from the Lotus Waters is on the northernmost part of the map, taking the form of a small rectangular dirt building with a door and a window.


After visiting Dream Venus once: