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    Yume 2kki:Maple Shrine

    Maple Shrine
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Maple Shrine

    Effects EffectNone

    Menu Theme #17

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    The Hand Hub
    Shinto Shrine NoEntry

    BGM wa (No. 097B)
    0109BGM5 (Final section) (No. 220B)
    Map ID 0622, 0624, 0625
    Version Added 0.101f
    Last Updated 0.119e patch 5
    Author Ca
    Map of the maze. The circles will guide you to the end.

    The Maple Shrine is an area accessible from The Hand Hub and the Shinto Shrine. The portal to the Shinto Shrine has a small chance to take Urotsuki here, and each Torii gate in the Shinto Shrine may also teleport her here. Overall, the chance of being teleported here from either area, assuming Urotsuki passes through all seven Torii gates in the Shinto Shrine, is approximately 11.65%.


    The external area consists of the two buildings and Torii that can be found in the Shinto Shrine, but they are inaccessible. Instead of trees, there are maple leaves on the ground. Urotsuki can make an offer of 10夢 when interacting with the offer box in front of the big building.

    Past the buildings is a house with a Kakemono attached to it. Entering this house will lead Urotsuki to a teleport maze where she can find a vending machine, as well as a smiling orange head creature at the end, which will grant Menu Theme #17 if she interacts with it. Equipping the Glasses effect will make the creature transparent and intangible.

    Entering the final area while using the Motorcycle effect will remove it, but Urotsuki can re-equip it afterward without it being removed again. However, this area does prevent Urotsuki from equipping several effects, including the Marginal, Eyeball Bomb, Bat, Drum and Grave effects.

    The stump beside the head creature can be interacted with to sit on it. Upon sitting on the stump, the head begins to sing a simple melody, with musical notes appearing in the air. Murdering the head and then sitting on the stump will cut the music of the area, and the melody won't play. The creature will stay dead even if Urotsuki leaves the area, but it has a chance of coming back if she leaves the maze area entirely and then comes back to the final part of the maze.

    Once the final area has been reached, trying to go back to it later will immediately teleport Urotsuki to it, effectively skipping the maze itself.


    After visiting The Hand Hub once:

    >There is a 1/15 chance Upon Entering Shinto Shrine from Any Entrance to Go Directly to Maple Shrine,

    Therefore Every Instance of Shinto Shrine Here Could Potentially be Skipped Entirely.


    • Trying to skip the entrance to the teleport maze by sliding with the Penguin effect will cause a mole-like creature wielding a pickaxe to emerge from the specific tile used to teleport her, preventing her from skipping it.
      • The mole itself appears to be a reference to Mr. Resetti from the Animal Crossing series, due to both being hard hat-wearing and pickaxe-wielding moles digging out from the ground to prevent the player from cheating.