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Mask Shop
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #560

Masks Masks
Events Mask Shop Ambush
Notable NPCs Mask Shop Owner
Connecting Areas

Monochrome Street

BGM Newtorikawamakkusu (No. 072A)
Newtorikawamakkusu (slower) (Backdoor) (No. 072B)
Map ID 0451
Version Added 0.098b
Last Updated 0.115b
Author Yuki-Hitsuji

The Mask Shop is an area accessible through a door in the Monochrome Street.

Entering from the back


The Mask Shop is a small area with a dark background and candles all around. In this area, the Mask Shop Owner would be found sleeping behind a display decorated with Masks of various NPCs found throughout the game. Ringing the small yellow bell will wake up the shopkeeper.

Urotsuki can purchase "masks" from the shopkeeper. The price of a mask starts at 500, decreasing by 10夢 with each purchase, to a minimum of 100夢. However, if she doesn't have enough money but at least has 1夢, the shopkeeper will still let her purchase a mask for all of her money instead.

Equipping certain effects can determine the mask that she gets. When she purchases a mask, Urotsuki will be transformed into whatever object or NPC she previously had to interact with to get the corresponding effect. For example, equipping the Telephone effect transforms Urotsuki into a Pet Telephone. Equipping the School Boy effect transforms her into Gakuran-kun.

However, most effects will turn her into an object that can't move (like the Chainsaw or Bike effects turning her into an immobile chainsaw or bike respectively), which will make the screen turn gray and force Urotsuki to wake up. All other effects, however (including the mixed effects), will turn her into an NPC and she will be free to walk around. The change will still be there when she leaves. The mask will go away when an effect is equipped.

If Urotsuki purchases another mask while transformed or with no effect equipped, a visual menu can be accessed, which lists different NPCs, such as Painter-kun, Yukata, Provost-san, and others. Refer to the Mask List to see what masks can be obtained.

While wearing a mask outside in the Monochrome Street, silhouettes of corresponding objects or NPCs will respond in various ways.

Urotsuki can also enter the Mask Shop from the back side in the Monochrome Street. When doing so, she will be off to the side of the screen, and she can watch a ghostly Urotsuki sprite walk in the shop with an effect equipped (Telephone or Chainsaw) and purchase a mask, subtly hinting at the mechanics of the Mask Shop. The ghost may not have an effect equipped and will purchase the Shadow Lady mask and walk out of the store.

Ringing the bell several times without buying a mask will slowly darken the shopkeeper's expression and trigger the Mask Shop Ambush.

Interacting with any of the silhouettes of the red witches from The Docks that appear in Monochrome Street after using the mask shop once as Provost-San once will teleport Urotsuki to the submarine in the docks. However, from testing, she cannot get Provost-san's mask until she has interacted with Provost-san by submarine, making it only a shortcut to the submarine and not a shortcut to the Child effect because she will likely already have it if she can use the shortcut.



  • Since the removal of Pokémon World and the sprite-change that caged the fairy that grants the Fairy effect, using the fairy mask is likely the only way to see the original fairy sprite left in the game.
  • One of the masks hanging on the wall is that of an apparition from the Fairy Tale Woods, before the world was updated. This is the only place the old design can be seen in-game.