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Yume 2kki:Misty Bridges

Misty Bridges
Misty bridges square.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Kiri no hashi
Fog Bridge




WP #478

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Ghost Town
Parasite Laboratory
Grand Scientific Museum
Snowy Village DeadEnd↩️


2_51 (No. 261B)
se018-0016 (Waterfall Room) (No. 287B)
RIMA-bgm-orgel006 (Lotus Lamp Room) (No. 292A)

Map ID 0845, 0880, 0902, 0975
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


The Misty Bridges is a bleak, foggy area accessible from the Ghost Town.


When entering from the Ghost Town, you will first find yourself in front of a small house in the middle of an arch bridge, dotted with streetlamps on either side. The area is coated with a dark green fog. Heading left or right from here will lead you to a small building complex with flowers decorating the front lawn, and two doors.

Taking the door on the left leads to the Transmission Tower, and taking the right will lead you to the Parasite Laboratory. The door on the middle will instead take you to the left side of a narrow passageway in front of a wall lined with many windows and small balconies, as well as a door, which leads to the Lotus Lamp Room, a small room with a large lamp decorated with flowers and a red-haired lady named Hanako, which has a 48% chance per dream (Variable 44 with a value of 120 or more) of appearing sleeping near the left side of the lamp. At the end of the passageway is a much brighter area, with the walkway stopping at a dead-end, overlooking a small pool of water, a tiny waterfall, and flora littering the ground. The right-hand side of this area can only be accessed from a house within the Snowy Village.

Transmission Tower

The Transmission Tower is a small, dark, dreary place with vegetation bordering the area, and a harmless Black Slime lurking the border's exterior. A long ladder can be found at the center of the tower, which at the top has a platform with a bright gateway that leads to the Grand Scientific Museum.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:


  • The Lotus Lamp Room used to be located in the Deserted Town, before the removal of the area. It remained in Misty Bridges after the Deserted Town was re-added in version 0.119d Patch 1.
  • The Lotus Lamp Room was originally conceived by wataru as concept art, prior to its implementation by noildoof in 0.108e.
  • The gateway between this area and the Grand Scientific Museum is that of a smaller section that resembles the Transmission Tower World, which was removed in version 0.113 and re-added in version 0.119d Patch 1. Despite the original world's removal, this gateway still remained in the game.