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Yume 2kki:Graffiti City

Graffiti City
Graffiti City to Blue Cactus Islands.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #493

Events None
Notable NPCs

Axion, Vanta, Flo

Connecting Areas

Fantasy Isle NoEntry
Tesla Garden
Blue Cactus Islands
Sugar Road
Chalkboard Playground Child

Vaporwave Mall

Removed Connections

Neon City


yama-loop2 (Main) (No. 212B)
Yuri_Earth_tremor (Clothes shop) (No. 371A)

Map ID 0844
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Graffiti City is an area accessible from either the Sugar Road, Tesla Garden or Blue Cactus Islands.

Map of Graffiti City


Graffiti City is a sprawling urban complex full of red-bricked buildings, where many of them have neon signs and multicolored graffiti all over the walls, as implied by the area's name.

From the Blue Cactus Islands entrance, Urotsuki starts off in a pink clothes shop overseen by a tall creature named Flo, which offers beverages on interaction. She will also react to a few effects, specifically the Maiko, Twintails, Red Riding Hood, and the Bunny Ears (Usamimi), all in a joyful expression. Using the door at the left side of the room leads to the rest of the city, while using the door at the right side of the room leads to Vaporwave Mall. Going south from here leads to a park, which appears to be a compound of neon structures. Within this park is Axion, a dancing girl who either gets agitated when the Chainsaw is equipped, or frozen in place from the use of the Crossing effect. A portal to Sugar Road can also be found here. Near the western side of the park, using the Glasses will reveal that there is a hanged man on top of one of the buildings.

The left side of the city's northern section has a small structure with an opening accessible using the Child or Fairy effects, leading to Chalkboard Playground.

Somewhere in the southern part of the town proper is a robot who reacts to various effects:

  • Equipping the Polygon effect will make the robot display a heart symbol on its face.
  • The Spring effect will make the robot display a smiling face.
  • The Chainsaw effect will make the robot display a scared face.
  • The Crossing effect will stop the wave on the robot's face.

Going east from there, one of the dead ends has a graffiti drawing of two clouds, as well as some strange rainbow-marked creature named Vanta nearby. Equipping the Rainbow effect will reveal that there is a rainbow between these two clouds. Near it is a closed eye which opens with the Eyeball Bomb effect. Following the path north of the robot will lead to a small building with a wavy arrow and a door to the Tesla Garden.


After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once:

After unlocking the connection from Fantasy Isle to Animal Heaven:

If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:


  • Before version 0.113, one of the neon building at the center of the area served as a connection with Neon City.

Old Images