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Yume 2kki:Reverie Book Piles

Reverie Book Piles
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Gensō toshokan
Fantasy Library




WP #506

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Portrait Purgatory
Abyssal Garden NoReturn
Illusive Forest NoReturn


moseni_luna (No. 115D)

Map ID 2009


The Reverie Book Piles is an area accessible from interacting with a book in Portrait Purgatory.

Annotated Map of the area.


This area is made up of giant floating books in a surrealist space, with tiles and ladders acting as paths connecting the piles. Floating lampposts also are found along the paths.

Going to the right past the first ladder and climbing the subsequent ladders will eventually lead to a lone white book with a couple of lampposts on it. Going in between them will teleport Urotsuki to Illusive Forest with no return.

Alternatively, heading left past the first ladder from the entrance will lead down. The music will fade and the area will get darker as Urotsuki continues past increasingly blood-splattered books and red tiles. At the end awaits a bloody doorway, appearing to have red roots extending from the bottom. Walking into it is a one-way to Abyssal Garden. If Urotsuki is transformed into a blue slime in Blue Eyes World, a barricade will block the path to Abyssal Garden.



  • The Bat effect cannot be used in this area.
  • Before the addition of Abyssal Garden, going to the bottom left corner would lead to a construction barricade blocking a ladder. Chainsawing it spawned a Chaser similar to the ones in Sea of Trees and Planter Passage, which would chase after Urotsuki much faster than usual and could not be avoided, even with the Invisible and Crossing effects. It would wake Urotsuki up upon impact.

Old Images