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Yume 2kki:Illusive Forest

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Illusive Forest
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Fantasy World



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Reverie Book Piles NoEntry
Torii Trail
Sea of Trees Glasses NoReturn
Rice Field

Removed Connections

Lonely Home NoEntry


PLin_loop02 (Main area) (No. 347D)
sound3g_ (Tiger Trail) (No. 368B)
sound5j (Bloody Eye Trail) (No. 582)

Map ID 2010, 2061, 2064


The Illusive Forest is an area accessible from Reverie Book Piles.

Map of the area.


The area appears as a snow-covered forest, with light blue and teal trees making up the flora. There is a path that runs through this forest, adorned with lampposts. Along this path are cones, large white books, spiral-shaped vines, and little NPCs that look like snowballs.

Immediately north of the entrance is a stack of books three books wide. On top of that pile, there appears to be a sleeping bird creature made of the trees in the area. Equipping the Chainsaw effect will wake it up.

To the right of the Bloody Eye House is a stationary snowball NPC nestled between two trees. It will react to the Glasses effect by bouncing and turning to face Urotsuki. Interacting with it while the Glasses effect is equipped will take Urotsuki to the Slime Room.

There are two cones with doorways that will lead you to other areas. One is located slightly southwest of entrance, while the other is slightly to the northeast.

Tiger Trail

In the cone slightly southwest of the entrance is the Tiger Trail, a room containing a short, chalky path that leads from one end of the room to the other. Above the door is a large drawing of a tiger that forms an archway. The right side of the path will lead to Torii Trail, while the left side will lead to Rice Field. If Urotsuki is transformed into a blue slime in Blue Eyes World, the path to Rice Field will be blocked by a barricade.

Bloody Eye House

In the cone slightly northeast of the entrance is the Bloody Eye House. Like the Tiger Trail, this also appears to be made of chalky outlines that form a cube, with a drawn eye beside a bloodstain on the wall. There is also a tall woman leaning against a wall who will react to various effects, like Stretch and Twintails. She will look away from Urotsuki, and she must be interacted with from below, after which she will close her eyes and Urotsuki will be transported back outside the house. If you use the Chainsaw effect on the woman, she will retaliate, causing Urotsuki to wake up.



  • The Bloody Eye House resembles the Bloodstained Eye House in Abyssal Garden.