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Yume 2kki:Abyssal Garden

Abyssal Garden
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Reverie Book Piles NoEntry
Knife World LockedCondition🔐
Silent Forest


synapse (Main area) (No. 673C)
ループ「機械音」By音師竹内 (Emergency Exit) (No. 104B)
n3-LI (Footprint path) (No. 173G)
DD_keystone (Bloodstained Eye House) (No. 773)

Map ID 2512, 2513, 2514, 2516, 2519, 2554


Abyssal Garden is an area accessible from Reverie Book Piles.

Map of Abyssal Garden


This gloomy world mainly consists of seemingly dead mangrove trees, tangled roots, spiral-like plants, and vines covering them all. An abstract red creature can be seen in the background. Inhabiting the area are slow-moving red chasers with a big eye, somewhat resembling squids. They are fooled by the Invisible effect, though they will not stop if the Crossing effect is used. Upon contact, they will send Urotsuki to an isolated area of Colorless Rose Garden.

The main area begins at the relative center, which is the entrance from Reverie Book Piles. Attempting to return through the menacing red doorway will only result in Urotsuki rattling the metal bars. North of it is a wiry doorway with a large eye, only accessible if text events are enabled. Inside is a corridor to Knife World. On the wall is a giant stickman drawing and text saying "Emergency Exit" underneath. The text is written with "Emerg" above "ency Exit". The middle section is impassable from right to left without using the Penguin effect, and doing so will result in the stickman expressing their displeasure.

The main area also has wrought iron fences as boundaries. Following a gap in the foliage in the northwest corner of the area, specifically above the entrance and below the "Emergency Exit", will lead to an opening in the fence. Entering it will take Urotsuki to a footprint path transitioning to the Silent Forest.

Toward the southeast in the main area is an additional gap in the foliage, leading to a clearing with a strangely familiar red cone. Inside is the Bloodstained Eye House, a cubic room lined with blood containing a drawing of a blood-spattered closed eye on the wall and a tall person with red eyes standing by the corner. Upon interaction, they will slowly close their eyes and the screen will fade to black, placing Urotsuki back in front of the cone. They will only react to the Twintails effect, which will make them close their eyes.

In the clearing with the cone, navigating between the plants in the northwest and then following the fence will reveal another opening to a section with blue stones. To the north is an open fence containing a blue stone with a neutral facial expression. The stone will react to several effects, including the Chainsaw, Penguin, Insect, Cake, Marginal, and Bunny Ears effects. It also has a peculiar reaction to the Glasses and Eyeball Bomb effects.



  • The Bloodstained Eye House is reminiscent of the Bloody Eye House in the Illusive Forest.

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