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Yume 2kki:Sea of Trees

Sea of Trees
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Sea of Trees




WP #515

Events None
Notable NPCs

Shadow Lady

Connecting Areas

Lonely Home
Sugar Road
Illusive Forest NoEntry


n3-NiT (Main area) (No. 174C)
RIMA-bgm-elepi002 (Slime Room) (No. 258D)
進旋_byやわらか (Chaser event)

Map ID 2006, 2007


The Sea of Trees is an area accessible from Lonely Home and Sugar Road.

Map of the Sea of Trees


The Sea of Trees is a dense forest with pillars, cubes, statues, and various flowers scattered about the landscape. The statues have bright yellow eyes and bleeding magenta pupils. The pillars are carved, some with eye imagery, and occasionally topped with statues of slimes. There are trees scattered about that have smiley faces in the leaves.

North of the gate to Lonely Home, which resembles the cyclopean statues, is a Shadow Lady who will become aggressive when chainsawed. If she catches Urotsuki, she will be sent to an inescapable island with a chaser that wakes her up.

West of the Shadow Lady is a section of road with two blob chasers that resemble blue-and-black slugs. These will also wake Urotsuki up if they catch her. There is a hidden house containing the Slime Room, accessed by heading north between two trees in this road section.

Navigating through a small path to the wooded area north leads to a lake. A standard vending machine is visible but seemingly blocked by barriers. Navigating through the trees by the statues near the Shadow Lady will allow access to it. North of the lake is a twisted-looking figure that's green on the left side and yellow on the right side. Chainsawing it has a 1 in 50 chance of teleporting Urotsuki and the figure to an inescapable area filled with chasers and different music. If Urotsuki gets caught, the screen will be tinted red, and she will wake up. Heading south instead will lead to a short path that silently teleports Urotsuki to a boating section, which ends at Sugar Road.

The entrance from Sugar Road leads to a linear section with a boat. Near this entrance is a secluded island that has a slow-moving blob on it. This island and the ones around it form a smiling face. Following the stream leads past a tiny house and a red Construction Sign, indicating an available connection. North of here is a section with cubes, and boating through the trees above them reveals a small dock that leads to the sign. At the end of the boating section is a path into the trees, and heading down it silently transports Urotsuki to the area with the twisted-looking figure.

Alternatively, there's a much quicker shortcut that can only be used when entering from Sugar Road. Before the boat, there is an empty square of space in the trees. Going behind the second statue on the left allows you to continue through it to the Lonely Home gate, and a cone will slide behind Urotsuki and block the path. This cone also blocks the path if the area is entered from Lonely Home.

Slime Room

The Slime Room is a miniature room with a blue slime that bounces upon interaction. Tiny furniture, paintings, and plushies of a blue slime and a green pyramid decorate the room. The slime will react to various effects. It runs away with its eyes closed when the Chainsaw effect is equipped, and stops moving and faces Urotsuki with its eyes closed when the Marginal effect is equipped. The slime reacts normally to the Crossing effect. It likes the Penguin, Haniwa, and Red Riding Hood effects, and enjoys the Teru Teru Bōzu effect and the Raincoat combo effect even more. The slime excitedly runs around Urotsuki when the Cake effect or the Gingerbread Cookie combo effect is equipped. Using the Cake effect makes them rapidly bounce in place. Teleporting in from the Illusive Forest will also lead you here.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

After entering the Server Hub from Lonely Home:


  • This area uses the same chaser as Planter Passage and other Yumebako worlds.