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Yume 2kki:Slime Village

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Slime Village
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Colorless Rose Garden
Lonely Home Unlock🔑


RIMA-bgm-recorder001 (No. 423C)

Map ID 2500


Slime Village is an area accessible from Colorless Rose Garden.

Map of Slime Village


The slimes here will bounce upon interaction and react to various effects, like the slime in the Sea of Trees. They run away with their eyes closed when the Chainsaw effect is equipped, and stop moving and face Urotsuki with their eyes closed when the Marginal effect is equipped. The slimes react normally to the Crossing effect. They like the Penguin, Haniwa, and Red Riding Hood effects, and enjoy the Teru Teru Bōzu effect and the Raincoat combo effect even more. The slimes excitedly swarm Urotsuki when the Cake effect and the Gingerbread Cookie combo effect is equipped. Using the Cake effect makes them rapidly bounce in place.

If Urotsuki has transformed into a blue slime in Blue Eyes World and interacted with a specific white slime in Frozen Smile World, the white slime in front of the largest building will move to the side, granting access to the building if Urotsuki has the blue slime mask equipped. Inside is another doorway that transforms her into a Shadow Slime chaser from Yumebako's other worlds. This will place her back in Flowerpot Outlands, and she will not be able to access Slime Village from either entrance while transformed as the dark blob.


After entering the Server Hub from the Lonely Home and visiting the Lonely Home from this area: