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Yume 2kki:Colorless Rose Garden

Colorless Rose Garden
Basic Info




Menu Theme #58

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Flowerpot Outlands
Slime Village
Moonlit Pharmacy DeadEnd↩️ NoEntry

Removed Connections

Collision World DeadEnd↩️ NoEntry


5. No name - Negatic (No. 729)
qs0UrDFJ-bgm007 (Menu Theme Room) (No. 042F)
tm (Isolated Area from Moonlit Pharmacy) (No. 096D)
konaki_atmos_01 (Conical House Interior) (No. 822)

Map ID 2498, 2499, 2518


Annotated map of the Colorless Rose Garden

Colorless Rose Garden is an area accessible from the Flowerpot Outlands.


Colorless Rose Garden is a black, grey and white area, with narrow walkways containing fences and large flowers. After navigating down eastward from the Flowerpot Outlands entrance, then west and north, a sculpture of a torso atop kneeling legs with a rose sprouting from it can be found.

By interacting with the torso, a small, enclosed area can be accessed, with a girl in a kimono standing in the center. Interacting with the girl gives you Menu Theme #58, and will result in her opening her eyes. Using the Rainbow effect will also bring a slight amount of color to her outfit and skin tone which gradually fades away over time. Equipping the Chainsaw will lead to her closing her eyes.

South of the sculpture is a short, winding passage leading to a vending machine to the west and a rectangular building with a face to the south. Going inside leads to Slime Village.

A red construction sign can be seen in the western section of the garden, indicating an available connection.

After collecting the Menu Theme here and interacting with the NPCs in both cone houses in Abyssal Garden and Illusive Forest, Urotsuki can enter only once from Moonlit Pharmacy. She will arrive outside of the spiny walls, with the entrance to the Flowerpot Outlands to her west, although it is inaccessible. North of it are two large roses by a conical house, and inside is a hidden room with a girl suspended by vines.



  • Before version 0.122i patch 1, the girl reacted to the Twintails effect.


Isolated area