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    Yume 2kki:Spelling Room

    Spelling Room
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone

    Kura Puzzle #31 & #40

    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Stone Maze
    Theatre World Unlock🔑
    Sepia Clouds World
    Saturated Eyeball Zone
    Forlorn Beach House NoReturn➡️
    Flying Fish World NoReturn➡️
    Japan Town NoReturn➡️
    Nail World NoReturn➡️
    Visine World NoReturn➡️
    Octagonal Grid Hub NoReturn➡️

    BGM bgm-a (Main Area) (No. 077A)
    bgm-d (Eye Person Room) (No. 080B)
    Map ID 0232, 0240
    Version Added 0.090g
    Last Updated 0123b patch 12
    Primary Author Bokun
    Contributing Author(s) srd

    The Spelling Room is an area accessible from the Stone Maze. The portal to the Spelling Room resembles some sort of CD.


    The Spelling room is a long purple corridor lined with many doorways, each with a single letter of the alphabet above them, and Clear [] & Enter [] symbols at either respective end of the row of doors.

    Each letter "entered" appears in yellow on the display above the doors, up to a maximum of 8. If text events are turned off, diamonds will be shown in their place.

    By walking through the lettered doorways in order to spell out certain words and then going through the "Enter" door, you can be taken to different areas of the dream world depending on what you spell.

    Finally, spelling out Urotsuki's name will play a sound and send you to a black room with strange yellow eyeballs on the floor, and a large gray hole leaking a rainbow colored fluid.

    Using the Glasses effect will reveal that the eyeballs are humanoid creatures with a giant eye for a head (the same ones from the Stone Maze), and make them surround you rapidly.

    Other effects make them react in different ways, as listed below.

    • Chainsaw - Makes them slow down and look around frantically.
    • Fairy - Makes them spin when used. Only one will stand still when using this effect. Going up to said eyeball and interacting with it on the floor will take you to the Saturated Eyeball Zone.
    • Wolf - Makes them stare at you, when used they run away.
    • Eyeball Bomb - Makes them surround you, and transport you to a sectioned off area of the Stone Maze.
    • Spring - Makes them jump when used.
    • Stretch/Child - Makes them slowly move towards you as eyeballs on the floor.
    • Haniwa - Makes them move towards you slowly and run away very quickly on contact, creating a strange strobe effect.
    • Marginal - Makes them run as far away as they can from you, pressing up against the walls.
    • Drum - makes them spin and move around slowly.
    • Bunny Ears - Makes them jump constantly.

    If you use the Rainbow effect in this room, it will remove all but one eyeball creature.

    Walking over one of the eyeball creatures (the only remaining one after using the rainbow effect) while it is just an eye on the floor will take you to the Saturated Eyeball Zone, and entering the large gray hole below the main room will take you to Theatre World and make a rainbow ladder appear there, letting you go back inside.

    The back wall of the eye person room has a couple hidden doors. From the entrance to Theatre World, go up and three tiles to the right to find a hidden doorway in the wall to Sepia Clouds World. A few tiles more to the left is another hidden doorway that leads back to the main Spelling Room.



    After unlocking the connection from Theatre World:


    The Spelling Room's original design.
    • In previous versions of the game this area was very different, resembling some sort of ancient tomb, and it only had the letters in Urotsuki's name, meaning the only thing you could do was spell out her name.
    • Prior to version 0.120 patch 9, "entered" characters only appeared on the display as the yellow diamonds seen when text events are turned off.
      • This change was added in April 2023, almost nine years after version 0.100i updated the room to its current form in July 2014.
    • From version 0.123b patch 12 onwards, Urotsuki's name is replaced by "________" in the menu screen while in this world as a hint to enter her name into the room.