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Yume 2kki:Forlorn Beach House

Forlorn Beach House
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Illuminated Building

Effects EffectNone

WP #77

Events Lady & the Sun
Notable NPCs Nichiyo-san
Connecting Areas

Elvis Masada's Place NoEntry
Ecstasy World
Realistic Beach
Mushroom World
Fairy Tale Woods Chance🍀
Broken Faces Area Chance🍀
Spelling Room NoEntry
Art Gallery Chance🍀
The Hand Hub Chance🍀

BGM oudn-04 (Outside) (No. 091B)
oudn-08 (Inside) (No. 079A)
ループ「海」By音師竹内 (Red Sun) (No. 101B)
oudn-09 (Shadow Balcony) (No. 083)
dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm076 (Stairs to Realistic Beach) (No. 055B)
Map ID 0303, 0304, 0305, 0306, 0333
Version Added 0.092a
Author oudn
Extras +
YNOproject Badges
RedSun(badgeY2).gif RedSun(badgeY2).png Red Sun

The Forlorn Beach House, formerly named Pastel Blue House, is an area accessible from the White Mushroom Field.

Map of the Interior


This area is a large multi-story building with various doorways leading to different parts of the house. On the outside (廃墟, Haikyo, Abandoned Building), it looks like a painting of a blocky overgrown house. If you leave out the front entrance, you'll encounter a zebra crossing, where the UFO may appear. If it does not, then leaving to the right will take you to the Apartments, but if it is present, it will take you to the UFO where you can access the Fairy Tale Woods and the Broken Faces Area.

On the inside, it has dark walls, a tiled floor and many doors and windows. Here is a guide of the doors' destinations from the zebra crossing entrance:

First Floor

  • The first door leads to the White Mushroom Field.
  • The second and last door leads to the next floor.

Second Floor

  • The first door to the left of where you entered leads to the next floor.
  • The second door leads to a portal which takes you to Ecstasy World.
  • The end of the hallway leads to the fourth floor.

Third Floor

  • The door to the right of the entrance leads to another corridor, which then leads to a door that leads to a path where you can find a lady under a big red sun with one eye. If you try to chainsaw her out of the way, the sun's eye will glow and de-equip the effect.
  • The first door to the left of the entrance leads to a corridor leading to a door and a staircase down to the Realistic Beach.
  • The second door leads to an area with a sky background with a salmon colored bench on the right end and a portal to the Art Gallery if it is the first day of spring, the second day of summer, or the third day of autumn. It will have a portal to The Hand Hub if it is the second day of winter, the third day of spring, or the first day of autumn.

Fourth Floor

  • The fourth floor just has one door down the right which leads to a platform leading to the balcony of the house.


With the Marginal effect:

After visiting the Apartments once:


  • This area was formerly named the Pastel Blue House before its name was changed to better reflect its current appearance.

Old Images


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