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Stone Maze
Portal to Chocolate World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Aka no Jūjiro
Red Crossroads



Events None
Notable NPCs Kanashii-tan, Scary Face
Connecting Areas

Chocolate World
Blood World Fairy

Bowling Zone
Spelling Room
Urotsuki's Dream Apartments DeadEnd↩️
Magnet Room NoReturn


zaza (No. 046B)

Map ID 0231, 0261
Version Added 0.090g
Author Bokun

The Stone Maze is an area that is accessible from Chocolate World.

Annotated map


The maze is made of gray stone or concrete with a scrolling background of a blood splatter. You can fly above some of the broken paths using the Fairy or Spacesuit effect. Optionally, the Twintails Monster mask and the Sprite mask obtainable from the Mask Shop can also used with the same purpose.

There are two Scary Faces in this area that will send you to an isolated area if you are caught. You can evade them using the Insect effect.

To get to the Bowling Zone, travel south and continue until you see a red bowling ball (this is the portal). There's a seemingly inaccessible platform a bit south of the bowling ball containing what appears to be a wooden door with a colorful window, which is an entrance to Blood World. Using Fairy or Spacesuit on the ledge just east of it will allow you to float your way onto that platform.

Kanashii-Tan can be found by going in the following directions at the first-encountered intersections (starting from the intersection right before the portal to the Bowling Zone): east, south, east. There should be a small, tunneled entrance; Kanashii-Tan is inside this room. There's another tunnel close to the entrance to the Spelling Room which will deposit you directly outside Kanashii-tan's tunnel once followed.

If you take a left at the intersection right before the Bowling Zone portal, then go north at the second intersection after that and continue north, you'll encounter a portal to the Spelling Room.

The Scary Faces in the maze will teleport you to a sectioned off area with four humanoids with an eye for head. Using the Eyeball Bomb effect will make them run in your direction and stare at you. If they surround you, they will force you to unequip Eyeball Bomb, effectively forcing you to pinch yourself awake to escape.

Using the door in Seishonen's apartment will teleport you to a platform in this map, which contains a portal that places you just below the door to Seishonen's apartment in the Magnet Room and shuts the lights off. The Magnet Room portal can also be reached from the south and west sides with the Fairy or Spacesuit effect, but the apartment door cannot be accessed with these effects. Approaching from below will allow you to slide over the portal with the Penguin effect in order to reach Urotsuki's Dream Apartments.



  • If you unequip Fairy or Spacesuit while floating across a gap, Urotsuki will be stuck in mid-air, unable to move.
  • The Scary Faces are completely disabled by the Insect effect, even allowing you to walk right through them with it equipped.