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Braingirl:Terminal Room

Terminal Room
Terminal room.png
Basic Info


EffectDuckling Dress, Electric Light, Marble Soda (Item), Entry Ticket (Item)

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Streets Hub


Leave Me Alone

Map ID 0014

The Terminal Room is a small area accessible from Streets Hub by entering "5552" into the metal payphone.

This area can only be accessed by activating Debug Mode. This is done through the Extras menu in the black book on Mikan's bedroom table.

Map of the Terminal Room


The Terminal Room is an ominous black space with looping purple corridors. The background is a grid that floats slowly across the screen.

This area allows the player access to all the collectable items in the game. The points of interest in the main room are:

  • A stack of small CDs. The player can add CDs to their inventory.
  • A red ticket resembling the ticket found in the Museum. The player can add Entry Tickets to their inventory.
  • A large, singular CD. The player can use it to unlock all music tracks currently in the game, which can be listened to in the Music menu tab via the black book.
  • A vending machine. The player can buy marble soda here, though they still cost CDs.

Just north of these items are two versions of Mikan with the effects in the current version of the game, Duckling Dress and Electric Light, equipped for display. Interacting with either of them will allow the player to collect the effect and cause the display Mikan to disappear.


Streets Hub → Terminal Room