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Yume 2kki:3D Structures Path

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3D Structures Path
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs Aooh
Connecting Areas

Ahogeko's House NoEntry

BGM bgm042 (No. 268C)
46202 (Aooh's Trap) (No. 340A)
Map ID 1344, 0884
Version Added 0.116a
Author Kontentsu

3D Structures Path is an enigmatic location accessible from Bloody Passage.

Map of 3D Structures Path


This world fully consists of a narrow maze marked by a multi-colored pathway, with many red cuboid structures present at every corner. These constructions come in many different shapes and sizes with some even featuring variations with dark closed eyes, windows or even holes on them.

Some of them even have bigger holes resembling doorways in them, which when entered, lead to Aooh's Trap.

Aooh's Trap

This is a small horizontally looping area consisting of a large red structure with doorways on both the left and right side, leaking blood from both of them.

Aooh can be found here, watching over Urotsuki, in a different form each time Urotsuki tries to exit the building. Alternating between a normal face with a large left eye, with both eyes in the center of their orbits; a distorted face with a large right eye that faces upwards and a small left eye that faces downwards; and lastly an upside down form with both of Aooh's pupils facing upward.



  • Aooh's Trap is an obvious homage to Uboa's Trap from the original Yume Nikki.
  • Using Noclip Mode and then interacting with Aooh while in the their trap will lead to an error about MAP9999.