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Yume 2kki:Ahogeko's House

Ahogeko's House
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Falsehood Shoal's House

Effects EffectNone

WP #332
WP #690
Menu Theme #38

Events Aooh
Notable NPCs Ahogeko, Aooh
Connecting Areas

False Shoal
3D Structures Path NoReturn➡️

Removed Connections

City of Liars NoReturn➡️

BGM 2i9_mus_shoalhouse1 (No. 467)
e37 (Distorted) (No. 468A)
46202 (to the Bloody Passage) (No. 340A)
2kki_bgm_06 (Monster's room) (No. 502B)
Map ID 0860, 1182, 1190, 1308
Version Added 0.112h
Last Updated 0.119b patch 9
Primary Author 2i9
Contributing Author(s) Kontentsu
Extras +
YNOproject Badges
AhogekoHouse(badgeY2).gif AhogekoHouse(badgeY2).png Ahogeko

Ahogeko's House is an area accessible from the building in False Shoal.


The oddly-decorated house has one room with Ahogeko walking around inside.

A lamp can be found near the entrance, which can be disconnected, making the room darker. There's a 1/64 chance that, when disconnecting the lamp, the door will lock, and Ahogeko will turn into a bright red monster named Aooh. The music will change, and the room will turn red and blue with distorted static over it. In this state, the menu will be disabled until you interact with Aooh, who will transport you to a small, dark room with a one-way ladder down to the Bloody Passage.

If your Variable #44 is greater than or equal to 222 and you manage to pull the lamp 44 times without triggering Aooh, a ghostly creature will appear on the couch. It will turn rainbow when interacted with.

Bloody Passage

The Bloody Passage is a hallway with a bright trail of blood going west. There are two doors along this path.

The first leads to a dark room with a three-colored creature dipping its tail in a pool of water. Chainsawing the creature will grant Menu Theme #38 and light up the room. Once you exit this room, the door will be barred with a red construction sign.

The second door at the end of the bloody hallway is a one-way connection to 3D Structures Path.


With the Chainsaw effect:


  • Ahogeko's House is an obvious reference to Poniko's House, from Yume Nikki.
  • Ahogeko and the Aooh event are references to Not!Uboa, a now inaccessible event that was located in the Hidden Shoal.
  • Prior to version 0.116a, the connection to the Bloody Passage led to an isolated area in the City of Liars containing the three-colored creature.
  • Ahogeko was initially designed and submitted to the game's repository by a user named NN. Following her event's removal and GALAXY's departure from the team, Ahogeko was revamped and her house was created by 2i9.