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Yume 2kki:Sugar World

Sugar World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Death Trade

Effects EffectNone

WP #683
WP #753

Events None
Notable NPCs Candyhead
Connecting Areas

False Shoal Chainsaw NoReturn➡️
Valentine Land NoReturn➡️

BGM 無重力散歩@アノン (No. 106A)
e32 (Cake House) (No. 389B)
無重力散歩@アノン (slow) (Sugary Depths) (No. 106B)
Map ID 0067, 0486, 0490, 0654
Version Added 0.102d
Last Updated 0.119e patch 5
Primary Author GALAXY
Contributing Author(s) 710, shigurin

Sugar World is an area accessible by turning on the lamp in GALAXY Town. Various desserts and candy can be found scattered throughout the map.

Map of Sugar World
Map of the Sugary Depths


As its name implies, Sugar World is sweets-themed, perhaps a memory of an old birthday party. The ground is pink with frosting, and things like strawberries, jellybeans, and dollops of frosting litter the terrain. Large holes and cracks can be found in the ground; one of them southwest from the entrance contains a ladder which leads down into the Sugary Depths (シュガー:うら).

There is a large strawberry shortcake southeast of the entrance from GALAXY Town. In addition, Candyhead can be found here. She is immune to power tools (although she will still bleed), and if you equip the Child effect, she will shift her eyes so that one looks down and the other straight at the player.

Shortly west of Candyhead is a pink cake with an entrance. Inside of this cake is a small room where the wall is decorated with eyes on the lower portion, and a large heart with an opening on the middle, leading to Valentine Land. Much like Candyhead, the pink creature and the face on the table can be chainsawed without them being killed.

Sugary Depths

This is a darker, looping world with slowed down music, with purple icing instead of pink and many red hands scattered around the world, similar to the ones in Yume Nikki's Eyeball World. Multiple creepy, sugary blobs with arms and faces scatter the area, which can be entered if attacked in the face. One of them is found just southwest of the entrance, and contains a portal to the False Shoal.

Somewhere in here is a large, spindly man chewing on a swirly cake, or maybe a birthday candle. He flashes, very much like Yume Nikki's Strober or the Flashing Trombonist, yet does not grant Urotsuki an effect upon interacting with him unlike both.



  • Earlier versions of the map featured a green boy and an orange girl NPC from GALAXY Town. Chainsawing either one of them would cause them to turn insane and chase Urotsuki. The green boy was noticeably faster than the orange girl.
  • Earlier versions also included a large cake house with seven rainbow-coloured candles atop it and a chocolate decoration featuring Urotsuki's face. Inside resided a small blonde girl. She reacted to the following effects:
    • Fairy - spun in place when effect was used
    • Wolf - ran away quickly with a scared expression when effect was used
    • Penguin and Red Riding Hood - moved faster
    • Insect - moved away with a scared expression
    • Cake - moved toward Urotsuki quickly
    • Child - jumped when effect was used
    • Marginal - moved at an incredibly high speed with a scared expression
      • All of these characters and the house are absent from current versions.

Old Images