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Muma Rope:Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds
Basic Info

EffectAbove the Cloud's Empty

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Projector Room NoEntry
Memory Room NoReturn
Unicorn Woods NoReturn
R-Maze Chance🍀


Map ID 0073

Above the Clouds is an area accessible by going into the smoke emitted by the projector in the Projector Room after short-circuiting it.

Map of the area


This area consists of islands of clouds connected by rainbows. Muma can slide on the rainbows to reach other clouds.

On one of the darker clouds, there is a Coin that Muma can collect.

On another dark cloud is a color wheel similar to the one in the Projector Room. Touching it will make Muma attempt to pick it up as if it is a Memory, before springing Muma off the cloud and to the Unicorn Woods.

On one of the white cloud is a one-way door to the Memory Room.


On the same cloud as the door, at the western end, is an invisible "rainbow" that Muma can slide on. After a while, she will land on a small cloud that has a small bump. Interacting with the bump will reveal the door to the area's Empty.

Spoilers end here.

If the access to R-Maze is active in this area, it will be located on the white cloud directly to the right of the entrance from the Projector Room.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonWhite ShoresWhite PassageProjector Room → Above the Clouds