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Muma Rope:Projector Room

Projector Room
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

White Passage
Realm of the Orb
Above the Clouds LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn
Glitch LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn
R-Maze Chance🍀


projections-Entertaining (Projector on)
projections-Entertainting (After being electrocuted)

Map ID 0066

The Projector Room is a room entered from the White Passage.


The Projector Room is a small room with white walls and a gray-beige floor. Two rabbits inhabit the room alongside a large projector, a projection screen, four dials, two seats, and a color wheel behind the projection screen. Some exposed wires are also found to the left of the projector. To the right of the area is an unseen passageway identifiable by some footprints in the surrounding black space. Going through this passage leads to a door to the Realm of the Orb.

Pressing the red button on the oversized projector will cause the room to darken as it projects light onto the projection screen. Music will begin playing and the color wheel behind the screen will begin rolling back and forth. By interacting with the dials in the room, a different film will be projected onto the screen.

  • The blue-wired dial will show a view of a tunnel.
  • The green-wired dial will show blazing flames.
  • The red-wired dial will show a blue and yellow stripe pattern.
  • The orange-wired dial will show various moving lines.

While the projector is on, the exposed wires to the left of the projector will begin to wiggle. Touching these wires will electrocute Muma until her hair is fried black. The bunny in the room can be electrocuted and will turn completely black from doing so. After short circuiting the projector, the music will become deeper, the color wheel will spin slower, a rainbow filter will appear, and a cloud will puff up from the projector. Walking over the cloud will send Muma to Above the Clouds.

While the projector is still in a broken state, Muma can turn all of the dials on at once instead of only one at a time. If each dial is interacted with at least once and Muma walks behind the screen, her appearance will have a strange dithering filter and she will lack a face. Picking up one of the rabbits in this state will cause Muma's movement to become severely visually glitched, causing her to abnormally flash through sprites or gain distortion effects with her appearance. If she is not holding a rabbit, she can turn the dial with the blue wire and then head behind the projector screen to interact with the tunnel, which will take her to Glitch.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonWhite ShoresWhite Passage → Projector Room