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Sugar Maze
Basic Info


Events None
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Connecting Areas



Sugar World

Map ID 0010, 0041

The Sugar Maze is an area accessible from SUGAR.

Map of the maze


The Sugar Maze shares much of the same features as SUGAR, where the walls of the maze is made out of giant sugar cubes.

Starting from the entrance, navigating south, all the way west, and a little bit north you can find a small clearing with three strawberries. Going down the path above the strawberries will lead you to a one-way door to the Memory Room.

Going further north past the strawberries, you will come across a fork that goes in three directions. Keep going north and you will find the building to the Greenhouse.

To the right of the Greenhouse is a sugarcube wall that has a keyhole. To find the key to this keyhole, go down the eastern path, and eventually you will find it after a short spiral path. Using this key will unlock a shortcut that allows you to easily reach the greenhouse without going through the maze again.

Somewhere in the maze are two pink bunnies that you can carry around, and a table with a strawberry cake on it. You cannot reach this cake and only gaze upon it past the walls. Attempting to go down the path that leads to it will make it disappear from the table.


Memory Room → First StepsRetro DungeonOwl SwampTree Trunk ComplexSUGAR → Sugar Maze