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    Muma Rope:Realm of the Orb

    Realm of the Orb
    Muma Realm.png
    Basic Info
    Memories EffectRealm of the Orb's Empty
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Flesh n' Blood LockedCondition🔐
    Projector Room LockedCondition🔐
    Tree Trunk Complex LockedCondition🔐

    BGM Missing
    Map ID 0055, 0057, 0068
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    NewEnemy(badgeMR).png A New Enemy

    The Realm of the Orb is an area accessible from Flesh n' Blood.


    The Realm of the Orb is a world that includes three different sections that can be switched between via holes in the ground. The maps are all transversable by picking up the red orb and placing it down on yellow spots.

    In the red section at the bottom right, a black rabbit can be found. If interacted with repeatedly, spinning white rabbits will appear around Muma. This has no adverse effects.

    A different world can be accessed depending on the colour of the world. You can enter Flesh n' Blood if the world is in its red state, the Projector Room if the world is in its blue state, and Tree Trunk Complex if the world is in its green state.

    This world houses one of the hidden collectibles neccesary to see one of the endings. Going back at an inconvenient time is the key to unlock it.


    This world's Empty can be found after returning to the Memory Room while holding the orb. This will cause Muma to drop the orb, shattering the glass ground into pieces.

    Returning to this world will show that it has changed completely, now having an almost pitch black background. Picking up the orb will let Muma go to the southern section of this world, but it wll also make her unable to return up. Heading south, the path will narrow until there's just one square, which will lead you back to the original state of this world. Waiting long enough near this square will let you see the black door that will contain the empty.
    (Somewhere along this path, there's a somewhat loud jumpscare, so be ready for that as well.)

    There's a glitch in the broken state where, if you tap the Shift button after crossing the second blue line, Muma will (again) drop it, but at the same time, she will keep holding it. This allows Muma to go up again, but she'll unfortunately be unable to cross back to the entrance.

    Spoilers end here.


    Memory Room → First StepsDark StairwaysThe DepthsFlesh n' Blood → Realm of the Orb