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Answered Prayers:Symbols Maze

Symbols Maze
Symbols Maze 1.PNG
Basic Info


Events Symbols Switch
Notable NPCs Chimiko, Shadowrette
Connecting Areas

Broken Clock Park DeadEnd↩️
Playground Return🚩
Spirit Town
Underwater Ship


Absolute Zero
Recollection (Beyond)

Map ID 0080
Map Type Large, Looping

The Symbols Maze can be reached through the alleyway door in Spirit Town, the Underwater Ship, or Broken Clock Park.

Map of Symbols Maze
Decoded map


The Symbols Maze is a gigantic maze that connects several points of the Spirit World with each other, acting as a hub. Its floor consists of dark grey tiles with a square pattern that resembles the manji symbol found all over the Spirit World. Black walls form the maze. In the background, a scrolling image of various symbols and letters flashes through the gaps between the walls and the tiles. In some areas, both the floor and walls are removed, making the background more apparent.

Hey there buddy

Enraged Chimiko roam around the maze acting as chasers. Unlike Yume Nikki's Toriningen, however, the hostile Chimiko are very easy to avoid and have to be almost actively sought out.

Colour variation via switch

Floating blue cubes throughout the area transport you to other locations when interacted with.

There are two main paths in the maze that do not cross over each other. If you are on one path and want to enter the other, you'll have to reenter the maze from another area.

First Path

The blue cube in the top left connects to the checker-tile path to Spirit Town.

The blue cube in the bottom right connects to the bubble-framed path to the Underwater Ship.

The blue cube in the bottom left links to Beyond. This isolated room, which resembles the Miko Shrine, is an unfinished area that is likely intended to be expanded in future updates.

On this path, it is also possible to find a transparent, unmoving sprite of Fluorette in her Phantom Prayer form. Interacting with her changes the colour of the maze, and the green scrolling background turns red.

Second Path

The second path can only be accessed from the Broken Clock Park, and walking through it eventually leads to a hidden section of the Playground.


NexusGreen WorldGreen HallwayOutlandsBorderland CorridorSpirit Town → Symbols Maze (First Path)

NexusClock Work WorldBroken Clock Park → Symbols Maze (Second Path)


  • As seen in the files of the game, the signs in the background spell out "Fluorette" two times and also feature several instances of the Four Ways Symbol found all over the Spirit World.
  • This maze is modeled after Yume Nikki's Hell area, a popular area to emulate in fangames.
    • The ghostly figure of Fluorette that changes the color of the maze is likely a reference to Madotsuki's Ghost, also from Yume Nikki.


First Path Connections

Second Path Connections