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Answered Prayers:Spirit Town

Spirit Town
AP Spirit Town.png
Basic Info


Map Type Medium, Looping, Multiple maps
Events None
Notable NPCs Neon-eyed Hoodies, Metroborgs, Bar Phantoms, Eloboter, Chimiko
Connecting Areas

Snowy Streets
Borderland Corridor
Symbols Maze
Elevator Room
Industrial Maze LockedCondition🔐


Spirit Town
Air Conditioner (Rooms)
Bottlecap Pop (Bar)
Chimiko (Chimiko Shop)

Map ID 0062, 0064, 0065, 0066, 0078, 0108

Spirit Town is an area accessible from the ladder in the Borderland Corridor.

Map of Spirit Town


Spirit Town is a large, ominous city with many bright yellow lanterns, trash cans, and neon signs. There are several NPCs, some with hoods and some with robotic body parts, wandering the streets and speaking incoherently.

Top Street

The top row has a few notable features, including a collection of yellow screens surrounding a glitching manji symbol and a ladder to a vent that doesn't open.

Just to the left of this ladder and vent is an alleyway leading up. Entering this alley leads to the Road in the Sky, which connects to the Deep Snow Path in Snowy Streets.

Further left of this alleyway is a brightly-lit stall with noren dividers and hanging lanterns on either side. This doorway leads to the Kitchen. Several shadowy Bar Phantoms are dining here, served by a deer-like figure. The phantom sitting closest to the wall will make a guitar strumming noise when interacted with.

Walking behind the counter in the Kitchen and through the backdoor will lead you to a back room. The Food prayer can be found here by interacting with the large sandwich on the ground.  There is also 200 Nat, the game's currency, in the trashcan closest to the door. All the other trashcans will be described as empty when interacted with.

If you have a rusty key (from the Underwater Ship), you can open the door in the back of the room that leads to a shortcut to the Industrial Maze.

Middle Street

The middle row is mostly full of locked doors, though the doors on either end will open.

The door all the way to the left leads to Room 1, where a group of Neon-eyed Hoodies and Metroborg NPCs are gathering in front of a TV screen.

The door all the way to the right with a manji symbol above it is blocked off by cones. By looping up and around, however, you can enter from the opposite side of the hall and access the door to the Elevator Room.

Going down the narrow path just to the left of the traffic cones leads to a lonely cyborg and the ladder to the Borderland Corridor.

Bottom Street

The bottom row is the shortest of the three.

The door to the right marked by an angel symbol leads to a shop. The Chimiko behind the counter, however, will not sell to you.

The door to the left cannot be opened, but will play a wailing sound when knocked on.

Near the left door is an alley marked with a neon exclamation mark ("!") sign. Halfway up this alley is a yellow lantern and a mat. Interacting with the wall to the right of the mat leads to the checker-tile path to the Symbols Maze.


NexusSnowy Streets → Spirit Town

NexusClock Work WorldIndustrial Maze → Spirit Town


  • You can speak with the hooded cyborg/spirits, but they won't say anything coherent. However, speaking twice to the hooded cyborg near the entrance from the Borderland Corridor produces the dialogue "s-3?s w#tching." The "s-3?s" could be a name, or an attempt to say "she's," possibly in reference to "Her" from the game's pseudo-ending.