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Ultra Violet:Ancient Ruins

Ancient Ruins
UV AncientRuins.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events Decapitating Fall (Activated in the Pinkish Continent)
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Liminal Building
Streetlamp World
Pinkish Continent NoEntry


BGM007からからころころ (slow)

Map ID 0012

The Ancient Ruins is an area accessible from the Nexus.

Map of Ancient Ruins


The Ancient Ruins consists of a grassy field with brown, block-like mountains making up the world's upper section. Many small creatures in green, white, and pink can be found around the area with orange sea anemones that decorate the field. The ruins have several ladders and tunnels that make its structure slightly maze-like.

Two ladders can be accessed from the bottom of the ruins, which lead to two areas:

  • If the ladder goes up to a white creature, then the player must continue up the ladders until they enter a tunnel, go down the ladders after entering the tunnel, take the tunnel farthest from the ladders that have just been descended, and continue left into the gray stairway to access Streetlamp World.
  • If the ladder goes up to a green creature, then the player must enter the tunnel next to the green creature, continue to the tunnel near an anemone, continue right while ignoring the ladder pathway (instead taking the tunnel next to a pink creature), and then head left to enter the Liminal Building.

Entering this area via the Pinkish Continent with the Headless effect equipped will activate the Decapitating Fall event. Once said event has been witnessed, streaks and puddles of blood will permanently stain the ruins.


The Nexus → Ancient Ruins