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    Ultra Violet:Liminal Building

    Liminal Building
    UV LiminalBuilding.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Pinku Tatemono

    Effects EffectNone

    "hexe violett" Window Type

    Events Cushion Rave, Take Off
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Ancient Ruins
    Pastel Block World

    BGM BGM001たいとるぽ
    BGM061展望 (Cushion Rave Event)
    BGM021切なぽ3拍子 (Rooftop)
    BGM019飛ぶ曲ぽぽ (Take Off Event)
    Map ID 0025, 0026, 0030, 0074

    The Liminal Building is an area accessible from one of the passageways of the Ancient Ruins.

    Map of Liminal Building


    The Liminal Building is a blue building with several floors and rooms, some of which contain notable objects.

    On the bottom floor, continuing right from the exit from Ancient Ruins will lead to the building's stairway and a room with several vending machines. A purple NPC wearing sneakers is also found in this room who will sway its head happily if the Cake, Magician, or Shikkenken effects are equipped.

    Each floor other than the top and ground floors of the building has two rooms. On the second floor, the right room has a construction sign. On the third floor, the left room has a single cushion that will activate the Cushion Rave event when interacted with and the right room has a door leading to Pastel Block World.

    At the very top of the stairs is the building's rooftop, which has several potted plants. If the Magician effect is equipped and Sometsuki gets on her broom before interacting with the rightmost side of the rooftop, an event will activate where Sometsuki flies across the sky on her broom. When this event is dismissed, Sometsuki will gain the "hexe violett" Window Type.


    The Nexus → Ancient Ruins → Liminal Building


    • Due to an in-game bug, it is possible that the Cushion Rave event may instantly trigger upon entering the map, preventing the player from correctly visiting the area. Visiting Shrine Labyrinth and then revisiting Liminal Building should fix this, letting the player visit the area normally.
      • The cause of this issue is that the common switch used to track the event is also used in other maps and is not properly cleared before visiting the area. Using one of the doors in front of Shrine Labyrinth will reset the switch and thereby fix the state of the event.